Gratefully Happy Now Happiness Adventure

21 Day 100% Money Back No Questions Asked Guarantee

Here’s A Recap Of Everything You’re Getting…

treasure chest

Module One

Finding  Happiness in your personal Treasure Chest  (Value $1,000)

Look at the Foundations of Happiness Diving into Science Positive Psychology

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Module Two

Habitual Actions  (Value $750)

 Taking a deep look at creating and maintaining habits.

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Module Three

Reframing Your Mind Through Treacherous Obstacles  (Value $1,000)

We focus on myths and life obstacles to happiness and how we can over come them.

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Module Four

Uncovering Mental Un-Helpful Protective Layers  (Value $750)

Desire, Ego, Limiting Beliefs, Patterns Conditioning, Mood Emotions, Triggers, Anchoring and Forgiveness.


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Module Five

Assembling Your Battle Weapons (Value $500)

Various happiness tools, and formalize our Habitual Actions Process for long term change

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Module Six

1.Battling other pirates and their imagined friends  (Value $747)

Reinforce what we have leaned, create a plan for enviable failures, offer different happiness strategies,  Additional training on happiness.  Checklist training for maintaining lifelong habits.

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Bonus One

Treasure Map  (Value $475)

A simple info graphic of the process so at those times you can revisit the map give you self

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Bonus Two

Transcripts & Audios of each Lesson (Value $550)

I have included the complete written transcript of each training video and for those like me who like to listen while I drive I have included the audios so you don’t have to waste your battery life listening to videos.

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Bonus Three

Resource Center  (Value $425)

 I have listed books, websites, ted talks and youtube videos so you always have in depth resources at your finger tips   

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Bonus Four

Direct Message Once a Day  With Jeff (Value $3,500)

Personal Direct Message Once a Day  With Jeff For Six Weeks

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Fast Action Bonus One

Happiness at Work Training Video  (Value $2000)


Each session will include one 15 audio based on some of today’s cutting edge data on creating happier employees


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Fast Action Bonus Two

Two extra Months of Daily Direct Messages  (Value $1495)  

I am so committed that you not only learn from the course, not only implement what is being taught but continue using the information long term to make a major impact on your happiness